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More than just a camera, Queen City 3D Virtual Tours delivers a completely automated system that supplements your real estate marketing.

High quality images are sent to you which you can upload into a real estate listing, and a 3D SHOWCASE™ will be hosted in the cloud and available to you through simple embed code or a web link. You can send the link to interested Buyers as a virtual tour or embed it directly onto a web page seamlessly.

Most properties can be captured in 1-2 hours and your 3D Showcase™ is typically available same or following day.

Using the latest Matterport-powered 3D virtual tour system, we take your listing to an all new level by putting the buyer in full control of their viewing experience – they can start at the front door and virtually walk through every room and hallway, go upstairs, peer around corners they couldn’t see past in still photos and feel the flow of the home unlike ever before.

The 3D Showcase™ is viewable on almost all PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones and as a novel technology is sure to generate some positive buzz and extra exposure for your listing.