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QC3D charges a base rate of $229 + tax for properties up to 1800 square feet, and additional square footage is charged at a rate of $10 per every additional 100 square feet.

As a pricing example, a 2000 square foot property would be billed at $229 (base rate up to 1800 sqft) + $20 (for 200 sqft over the 1800 sqft base) = $249 + tax. A 4000 square foot property would be billed at $229 (base rate up to 1800 sqft) + $220 (for 2200 sqft over the 1800 sqft base) = $449 + tax.

NOTE: REALTORS®, Builders, Hoteliers, and other “quantity” model customers may qualify for discount pricing. Please call for details.

ONGOING CLOUD HOSTING: 3D Showcases are cloud-based and as such there is no requirement for software to be downloaded to view the models. That said, there are ongoing hosting fees required to keep models available online on an annual basis. Each Property scanned as a 3D SHOWCASE includes one (1) year of cloud hosting services for the 3D model. Additional years are $50 per model per year. Customers with numerous models may qualify for discount on ongoing cloud hosting. Call for details.

SCHEMATIC FLOOR PLANS: 2D Floorplans can be generated from any scanned model for a cost of $29.00.

CONTENT/FEATURE TAGS: These content tags appear as white and blue dots within the 3D model and when selected (i.e., clicked on) they open up a box which can provide text information or even hyperlinks to other web pages (e.g., used to link to a different webpage). Cost to include are $2.00 per tag. Customer to provide request for tags in following format bearing in mind character limits:

Room Location
Ex. Kitchen
Feature to Highlight
Ex. Kitchen Sink
Title (up to 60 characters)
Ex. “Brand New Kraus Kitchen Sink”
Add Description (up to 105 characters)
Ex. “The newly installed stainless steel double basin, 22×33 inch kitchen sink comes with a 10 year warranty”

For properties outside the Regina City Limits but within daily commuting distance, QC3D charges mileage at $0.55/km, plus $25/hr of driving time. For remote locations QC3D can provide quotes on out-of-market scans building in business travel costs, or will arrange partner with other Service Providers who are local to area to provide the onsite scans, and QC3D will provide back end support and cloud hosting.